My condition was not very well before I came here. I was quite stressful and worried about my body. But after I came here, I just forgot I was not very well. I think this place (Master Unit) and here nature, they are just so peaceful and full of healing energy.

In the deep natural environment, my body and soul is healed perfectly. Dada your smile and your yoga class, meditation and your sayings made my mind feel so peaceful. Thanks for everything especially thanks for welcoming my friend Jinju. And Bodhi I can’t forget when you came back from Seoul we just kept talking. Because I can finally speak Korean! Ha ha! And watching fireflies together. Thanks for that memory and your existence here. Thanks to Rico, Mina, Sook Sue and Ami 아미. I could laugh a lot because of you guys and it was so good time that we are doing yoga and meditation together. Of course making amazing food. Here food is so amazing.

Send my peaceful love to all!! Baba Nam Kevalam! Love is All There Is!

With full of Love,