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How do I join a class?

Due to the limited space of our centre and the busy schedule of our teacher, classes can be taught on an individual basis based on the convenience of the student as well as the teacher. So you may call and make a personal appointment for class.

What is the cost of a class?

Classes are free of charge. However a donation to the centre would be appreciated.

What should I wear?

Any casual loose clothing.

Do I need to bring a blanket or something?

No. We have special yoga mats for you to use.

May I change dress before and after the class?

Yes. We have a dressing room.

Can elderly people practice Tantra Yoga?

Yes. We often have students above 50 of age. The lack of body flexibility is not only the concern of aged persons. The postures have been selected for everyone to be able to perform them. There are no strenuous exercises.


Is Tantra Yoga different from Hatha Yoga?

Originally Hatha yoga was about controlling the mind by means of physical exercises only. Today’s commercial Hatha yoga often turns into aerobics or practicing postures for the purpose of body fitness and flexibility.

Tantra controls the mind through mental exercises (basic meditation for the beginners’ class) and with the help of the body (postures and massage). We emphasize on stress relief and health (physical and mental) with relaxation sessions, guided visualization (short meditation) and good advice for your health mostly based on naturopathy.

Tantra Yoga is less physical than Hatha yoga. It is also a means to learn how to control our emotions and rediscover oneself.

Is the Yoga you teach different from Astaunga Yoga?

Not different. We practice Astaunga yoga. Only a part of it is presented in our beginners’ classes. To learn more about the different limbs of Astaunga Yoga you will have to attend the advanced level. Instructions in meditation and advice are free of charge.