Tiia and Marek

When we appeared at the gates of the Master Unit in the night, we knew that this place will be perfect for our tired bodies and souls. What we did not know is that in the next few days we would learn much about Ananda Marga philosophy, that feels now close to our hearts.

After six months of traveling the world, it’s here where we could achieve the pure peace of mind and just rest. Though it doesn’t mean that there was no hard work to be done! Magic of the experience here it’s actually that–working close to the soil of Mother Earth during the day, and resting high up in the mountain in meditation, in the evening.

When we were hearing simple and beautiful words, Baba Nam Kevalam, Dada said that “baba” can be for us whatever feels most important-highest power. We think for us it was the mountains in front of us, the nature of this place.

There are many things to say about the magic of this place, but most important is that without two persons there would be little of it- Dada and Bodhideva.

It’s hard to express how grateful we are to you. We will never forget you and this place.

Thank you, Dziekuje, Kiitos!