Dear Master Unit Family,
Thank you so much for welcoming me in this beautiful space, for making me feel at home, comfortable and part of this amazing project.

Thank you Dada for the good vibes that you transmit, for your knowledge and the afternoon meditation and yoga, singing and playing music one of the most enjoyable things of my stay.

Thank you Bodhi for your good energy and way of work. Like Dada, I can see you are really committed to this project, which is really important to make people more committed and willing to help and improve things around. Despite your age, you know how to work and manage the workers’ time and create a good working environment which is really impressive, so keep up the great work.

I learned a lot about farming here, great practices to live in harmony with nature, something I was really looking for and now I feel more strong that this is the way to live.

I would love to keep in contact and see how things keep progressing here. I wish you the best of luck to keep finding solutions and good people coming over to help and keep spreading the good vibes.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Much love,