We have a variety of CD’s and books in English to inspire you for your meditation and healthy lifestyle.

mysticHeart of the Mystic

This album features beautiful voices backed up by harps and cello. Truly angelic and deeply spiritual. One of our best sellers. By Kamala with Tina Turin.

Price: 12,000 W



A follow-up to Kamala’s popular Heart of the Mystic- this is her best kiirtan CD yet. Rich textured instrumentals complement beautiful vocals by Kamala and Peter Sprague.

Price: 12,000 W



Kaosikii USB

Practice Kaosikii dance up to 21 minutes with accompaniment of  traditional Taiwanese aboriginal voice.

Price: 10,000 Won


Beyond the Superconscious Mind

Every living being is moving along life’s mysterious pathway searching for a meaningful and lasting happiness. The longing for this infinite freedom has led each of us to experiment with many different lifestyles. Now, the opportunity is here for you to embark on the most exciting adventure of all – – the journey of self– discovery. Beyond the Superconscious Mind gives a detailed explanation of your own mind – how it works and how you can make it work better for you.

Price: 8,400 W

Diet for Health and Higher Consciousness

Perhaps no other activity has such a pervasive impact on our personal well-being and the well-being of the Earth as the act of eating. More than ever before we are asked to become conscious of our dietary choices as a means to evolving our consciousness, improving our all-round health and making a positive contribution to the welfare of Earth and its billions of creatures.

Price: 12,000 W

Food for Thought – The Vegetarian Philosophy

This is an excellent resource for beginning and established vegetarians. It covers all the reasons why a vegetarian diet is the most suitable for human beings and shows where to find the nutrients that compose a balanced, healthy vegetarian diet.

Price: 8,400 W

yogapsyYoga Psychology

The science of psychology, as studied and practised within the traditions of yoga and Tantra, begins with our cakras (or plexi, psycho-spiritual centers) and the various glands associated with each cakra. The development of these structures is influenced by all our past actions and by a range of environmental factors that, like the mind itself, go far beyond what is conventionally contemplated by psychology. Shrii Shrii Ánandamúrti explains and enhances this science, which is essential to success in our spiritual practices.

Price: 12,000 W

yogictreatmentYogic Treatments and Natural Remedies

The object of the art of healing is to cure a patient, both physically and mentally. So the question is not the advocacy of any particular school of medical science, but rather the welfare of the patient. Diseases can be cured through natural methods of yogic exercise, water, diet, herbal medicines, sunlight and air.

Price: 12,000 W



Korean Laimg_0901nguage
Light Comes

Short snippets from a variety of books of P.R. Sarkar this book offers short paragraphs for daily inspirational reading and for personal upliftment.

Price: 12,000 Won




Wisdom of Yoga


This book offers a basic introduction to Ananda Marga’s theory of Creation (Brahmacakra) and the different functional parts of the human mind.

Price: 9,000 Won

Food for Thought-The Vegetarian Philosophy

This is the translated version from English of the above mentioned book.

Price: 8,500 Won

img_0902After Capitalism

Loaded with many living examples from around the world, this book gives a view of a new socio-economic model capable of replacing our current exploitative and unequal capitalist system.

Price: 18,000 Won