Advanced Yoga Course

After completing two two year advanced yoga courses we will continue with this popular series in 2020 with Level 3 (Advanced Level) .


Level 3 will consist of eight modules spread out over two years. We have slightly modified the daily schedule to give our participants a more balanced approach to the path of Yoga as practiced by Ananda Marga. There will be time devoted to Karma Yoga (selfless service) and Bhakti Yoga (the path of devotion/love) apart from the theory aspect of the philosophy (Jinana Yoga) and the practice of the asanas (Hatha Yoga). The courses will continue to be held  at our organic farm in Jeollabuk-do where you can enjoy thefresh outdoors and relaxing environment.


The advanced yoga course offers a scientific, systematic and modern approach to Yoga studies and research. Our aim is to give the student a complete foundation in the physical, mental, spiritual and social aspects of Yoga science.



We offer a wide range of modules to educate yoga teachers, yoga students or anyone with an interest in the science of Yoga.

Ananda Marga’s interpretation of ancient Yoga teachings are broad, universal and holistic. The base is meditation and numerous other practices are appended to the daily lifestyle that assist the practitioner to achieve the goal of Yoga—union with infinite peace and love.

Most of our trainers are Acaryas (yoga monks and nuns) who have undergone an ancient discipline of yogic training. The courses also include personal guidance from our Acaryas.


Even if you have not attended the previous courses you may still attend the Advanced Level course. The asanas taught in the previous courses will again be practiced in this Level. We can provide you with the material of the others Courses if you wish to study it in your spare time.

Here is a brief overview of the topics covered in the Level 3 course:

Module 1: Yoga and Creativity
Module 2: Yogic Lifestyle
Module 3: Yoga Psychology
Module 4: Tantra Yoga
Module 5: Yoga Philosophy
Module 6: Devotional Yoga
Module 7: Yoga and Society (Neohumanism)
Module 8: Yoga and Society (Prout)

Advanced Yoga Course Level 3

The cost for the Level 2 Course of 8 modules is W960,000.  Bulk payment earns a 10% discount.

Simple accommodation, sattvic, vegetarian food and course materials are included in the payment cost. Please note that accommodation is yogic style–on the floor with mats and blankets provided. We do not have facilities for private rooms or private bathrooms.

If for any reason you cannot take the entire course and would like to pay per module, the cost of one module is W 120,000. Remember that one module is covered over one weekend.

Due to the coronavirus we are offering the course online also. The cost for online attendance is 60,000 Won. Below is the online schedule:

Day & TimeActivityNote
8:00Asanas ClassAsanas Training
12:00Collective Meditation
14:30Bhakti Yoga
15:45Asanas Class
16:45Free Time
17:30Collective Meditation
21:30Avarta Kiirtan
6:30Asanas ClassAsanas Training
11:30Free Time
11:45Collective Meditation

Payments can be made into the following account:

Bank name : Nonghyup
Recipient : Ananda Marga Korea
Account : 351-0085-1880-53
은행 : 농협
예금명 : 사) 한국 아난다마르가 요가
계좌번호 : 351-0085-1880-53

Here are the dates for Level 3 Course for 2020:


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