Our small Retreat Center is called “Ananda Karnika” which means “the nucleus of bliss” . We have been using it for various programs for our members and guests since 1989. It is situated in a valley surrounded by small mountains. There is a medium size man made lake nearby.

Participants at our programs often go to the garden to do some “green” exercise. The fresh air and peaceful environment has a profound healing effect and serves as a wonderful environment for the practice of yoga and meditation. 

Our facilities include 2 rooms, a living room, 4 toilets and a large hall in the main building; three rooms, a toilet block and storehouse in the back; a kitchen with attached dining room; and two traditional round houses. At the entrance to the garden is a traditional gazebo (정자 jaungja) where we do meditation and have classes in the summer time.

Vegetables from our organic garden supply the food for our programs. We also harvest berries, persimmon and korean dates from our trees. Every year our members prepare “kimchi” (a type of pickled cabbage, a staple food of the Korean diet) from the Chinese cabbage we grow in the autumn. We also make pesto with our sesame leaves, jujube jam from our jujube fruits, aronia jam from our aronia berries and dried persimmons from our persimmon fruits. This year we prepared fruit enzyme from our plums and borisut berries.