Meet Our Staff

Our staff have many years of experience in guiding you through the different programs we offer. They will sincerely help you to achieve your goal of optimal health and holistic well-bring. You will feel very comfortable with the friendly, relaxing social environment of our camps and courses.

Dada Shiilabhadrananda

Senior Monk

Dada is a yogic monk for the past 40 years. He has conducted short and long Yoga Detox Retreats in Thailand, the Philippines, South Africa, and has personally been practising the one-day yogic fasting  method four times per month since the beginning of his monk life. He has conducted Advanced Yoga Courses in the above countries as well as Indonesia and Argentina.



Program In-Charge

Janakii is a Yoga practitioner for the past thirty-five years. She graduated with an MA in Yoga from the Dev Sanskrti University in Haridwar, India. She spent 20 years in India before returning to Korea three years ago.