We conduct regular yoga detox retreats to enable you to learn this ancient and extremely valuable tool for attaining all round health and well being.


This retreat is specifically for beginners who want to learn a simple technique of fasting to naturally eliminate toxins from the body and mind. They may practice this technique at home regularly once they learn the method we demonstrate at the retreat.






From Friday evening when you arrive we will observe a liquid fast. Our meals will consist of freshly squeezed juices or just plain lemon water with a bit of honey; the evening will be a vegetable broth soup. Throughout the day you are encouraged to drink as much water as you would like. Although our schedule will be full there is enough time for you to relax and rest in case you feel any discomfort as a result of the fasting. We will do yoga postures and meditation practice twice per day along with deep relaxation technique. You will get a deeper feeling from your yoga and meditation practice as a result of the one day fast. The six steps to natural well being will be clearly explained as well as practiced during that weekend. Additional workshops include music therapy, laughing yoga and relaxing times for sharing together!

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So enjoy a relaxing, quiet, fruitful and health uplifting weekend with an advanced yogi who has 40 years experience  in the field of fasting and yogic well-being. He is ably assisted by a local team of caring and sensitive yogis filled with true Korean hospitality.

Here is an interesting article about a Japanese scientist who won the 2016 Nobel prize in physiology because he proved how the body mechanisms operate to purify itself during the period of fasting!


Yoga Detox Retreat Dates 2018 
Yoga Detox Retreat Schedule   
15.00Welcoming, Orientation, Tour of Facilities, Review schedule
16.00Yoga Class
17.30Collective Meditation
18.30Dinner (vegetable broth)
20.00Ice Breaker/ Personal Health Consultations
Saturday5.30Wake Up, Bath
6.00Prana Cakra
7.00Kiirtan, Meditation (Gazebo)
7.30Yoga Class
8.30Breakfast: Fruit Juice or Lemon Water
10.00Class: Food, Cells, Physical and Mental Development
11.30Rest, Half bath
11.50Deep Relaxation Class
12.20Enzyme Drink
14.30Conversation with Acarya (Gazebo)
15.30Nature Walk
16.30Rest, Bath
17.00Yoga Class
18.30Collective Meditation
19.00Dinner: Lemon Water or Vegetable Broth
20.00Free Time
20.30Group Game/Personal Health Consultations
Sunday5.30Wake Up, Bath
6.00Prana Cakra-Break Fast
7.00Yoga Class
8.30Kiirtan, Meditation (Gazebo)
9.00Breakfast: Fruits and Yoghurt
9.30Sharing, Evaluation
11.00Cooking Together
11.30Lunch (normal)
12.00Packing Up

Cost and Payment

In order to reserve your place in the yoga detox retreat you have to make a payment into our account. The cost of the three day Camp is W 150,000.

Our account details are:

Account Name: Ananda Marga Korea

Account Number: 351-0843-4268-53

Bank Name: Nong Hyup

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