We are conducting an advanced yoga course for those who are more advanced in the yoga practices and would like to learn something more comprehensive and subtler.

The course has 11 modules which will be taught in 11 weekends extending over two years with 6 weekends this year. We conduct them at our organic farm in Jeollabuk-do where you can enjoy the DSC_0008fresh outdoors and relaxing environment.


The advanced yoga course offers a scientific, systematic and modern approach to Yoga studies and research. Our aim is to give the student a complete foundation in the physical, mental, spiritual and social aspects of Yoga science.

We offer a wide range of modules to educate yoga students or anyone with an interest in the science of Yoga.


Our courses focus on both practical and theoretical aspects, with an integrated emphasis on the student’s personal development in yoga and meditation. Our trainer is an internationally recognized teacher and highly skilled and experienced in the field of yoga education. Most of our trainers are Acaryas (yoga monks and nuns) and have undergone an ancient discipline of yogic training. The courses also include personal guidance from our Acaryas.

Module 1:  Yoga History, Different Schools of Yoga; Comparative Analysis of Tantra and Austanga Yoga
Module 2:  Asana, Cakra, Vrtti and Hormone
Module 3:  Physiology of Breathing
Module 4:  Spiritual Meditation; Teaching Methodology
Module 5:   Health Related Asanas and Points for Healthy Yoga Lifestyle
Module 6:  Brahmacakra (The Cycle of Creation)
Module 7: The Layers of Mind
Module 8: Life, Death and Samskara
Module 9: Yoga and Society
Module 10: Comparative Study of Ananda Marga and Buddhism
Module 11: The Universal Moral Principles: Yama and Niyama

The modules consist of both Theoretical and Practical aspects. Through our Theory aspect you will understand the history of this ancient wisdom. It also covers the Philosophy of Yoga and Tantra, The Art of Breathing, Yoga Bio-psychology, Yoga Lifestyle, Spiritual Meditation Practice, etc…

Our Practical Aspect allows you to learn Asana (Yoga Posture) in detail. You will understand the benefits of each and every Asana on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Warm-ups, self message, meditation and relaxation techniques are also covered.

Teaching Methodology enables you to have a feel of how to conduct a yoga class in a real situation.  You will learn how to demonstrate, correct and assist the student in class as well as help student to avoid injury during the practice of asana, etc…

Daily Routine

Advanced Yoga Course  
Daily Routine
4.30Wake Up, Bath
5.30Morning Duties
6.30Yoga Asana Class
10.00Morning Session
12.30Individual Sadhana
14.00Free Time
15.00Afternoon Session -1Theory
16.15Afternoon Session -2Warm Ups-30 minutes, Asanas-45 minutes
17.30Free Time
19.30Yoga Asana
21.00Free Time
22.00Avarta Kiirtan


The cost for the Advanced Yoga Course of 11 modules is W 1,320,000. Bulk payment earns a 10% discount.

Simple accommodation, sattvic, vegetarian food and course materials are included in the payment cost. Please note that accommodation is yogic style–on the floor with mats and blankets provided. We do not have facilities for private rooms or private bathrooms.

If for any reason you cannot take the entire course and would like to pay per module, the cost of one module is W 120,000. Remember that one module is covered over one weekend.

Payments can be made into the following account:

Bank name : Nonghyup
Recipient : Ananda Marga Korea
Account : 301-0186-1220-91
은행 : 농협
예금명 : 사) 한국 아난다마르가 요가
계좌번호 : 301-0186-1220-91
December 1-311